Tankguard HB

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Tankguard HB


  • Marine:

Designed as an internal tank coating for chemical tanks.

This coating has good resistance to a wide range of products.

Refer to Marine Product Resistance List on www.jotunprl.com. Can be used as a coating for grey water, drilling mud, brine and crude oil tanks.

  • Protective:

Recommended as an internal lining for offshore, onshore and buried tanks and pipes.

Refer to Protective Product Resistance List.

  • Colours:

Light grey, pink, greyish green, grey, red.



  • Application methods:

The product can be applied by:

Spray:    Use airless spray.

Brush:    Recommended for stripe coating and small areas.

Care must be taken to achieve the specified dry film thickness.

Roller:    Roller application only to be used for scallops, ratholes, small pipes etc.

  • Product mixing ratio (by volume):

Tankguard HB Comp A      4 part(s)

Tankguard HB Comp B      1 part(s)

  • Thinner/Cleaning solvent:

Thinner:      Jotun Thinner No. 23


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