SikaTop-121 Grey

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Sika Top® -121

is a two-component cement based, polymer modified, trowelable adhesive and filling compound for the protection and repair of concrete and Metal surfaces


Sika Top® -121 is a versatile material that can be employed to carry out the following functions
Protective Coating for bridge parapets retaining walls, etc., against deicing salts

Filling Compound to level off irregularities and fill blowholes and fine honeycombs
Adhesive for floor and wall tiles
Rending for reservoirs
Bonding Mortar between new and old concrete

Sika Top® -121 is an economical and easy to use material offering the following properties
Easy to mix and apply
Good mechanical strength
Excellent adhesion
High resistance to de- icing salts
Non Toxic when fully cured
Resistant to city sewage medium