Sika Water Stop -V-23-T 6m | سيكا واتر ستوب في 23 – ثقيل 6مم

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Flexible Soft PVC-Waterbars to seal construction and expansion joints in concrete structures. Sika Waterbars® are available in different sizes and types, depending on their use


walls etc…structures such as basements, underground car parks, tunnels, subways retaining swimming pools, sewage tanks etc… as well as to keep water out of concrete , retaining structures such as reservoirs, water tanks, dams, spillways, canals Sika Waterbars® are used to seal construction and expansion joins in water

Characteristics / Advantages

Factory produced cross sections available
Many different sizes and types available, depending on their use
Easy to install (clip fastening), easy to weld on site
Suitable for high water pressure
High quality PVC for long durability
Multi-rib sections of the tortuous path principal

سيكا ووتربارز ®شرائح من ال بى فى سى المرن يستعمل كقاطع للمياه فى فواصل الصب وفواصل التمدد فى المنشآت الخرسانية