Little Tod

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By far the smallest bean bag we ever popped, the Little Todd is perfect for toddlers between the ages of 3-6 years old. Packing durable Styrofoam beads in a small dual-cover bag of sturdy leather, water-resistant PVC or sun and water-resistant jeans; the little Todd is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Available in 12 colours your kids will love, the Little Todd is perfect for your playroom, childrenƒs room or living room. Now, your Little Todd will liven up your playtime, make it easier for your child to focus during reading hour, help you out during meals and save hours of cleaning time. Made with ultimate comfort in mind, all you need to clean the Little Todd is a damp washcloth and a neutral detergent.

Because itƒs hard to replace the things they love, you can top up your Little Todd with Styrofoam every other summer or refill it entirely every couple of years for renewed plop. If theyƒre starting to get tired of it, try replacing the cover with their new favorite colour and feel the difference.

Product Details:

Durable Outer Cover: Available luxurious leather, sun and water-resistant jeans and water-resistant PVC for indoor and outdoor use.

Extra Inner Cover: For increased comfort and durability.

Refill Available: You can refill your bean bag entirely or top it up with more Styrofoam for increased flexibility.

Cover Replacement Available: You can replace the outer cover with another in up to 12 different colors and a variety of seasonal patterns for a clean new look.

Easy to Clean: Stains and spills are easily manageable with lukewarm water and a neutral detergent.

Product Warranty:

Enjoy a 1-year warranty on your Little Todd.

Product Care:

To clean your Willow, simply mix a few drops of a mild fabric detergent with lukewarm water and wipe with a damp washcloth.


Dimensions (in cm)
28 x 40
Jeans & Leather
Filling Styrofoam
Suitable For Indoors & Outdoors

Black, Blue, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow