Jotafix Epoxy Primer

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Jotafix Epoxy Primer


  • General:

Primarily designed for smaller maintenance and repair jobs.

  • Marine:

Outside hulls, exterior and interior areas.

  • Colours:

Grey, red.

  • Application methods:

The product can be applied by:

Spray:    Use airless spray.

Brush:    Use a round brush.

Care must be taken to achieve the spreading rate.

Roller:    Use of a foam roller will provide the best finish results.



  • Product mixing ratio (by volume):

Jotafix Epoxy Primer Comp A     5 part(s)

Jotafix Epoxy Primer Comp B     1 part(s)

  • Thinner/Cleaning solvent:

Thinner:      Jotun Thinner No. 17


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