Floating Mat | سجادة عائمة

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Whether you’re chilling by the pool, tanning in the early hours, stargazing at sea or want to take a dive in the deep end, the Floating Mat is your perfect summer companion.

Packing durable Styrofoam filling in an ergonomic one-seater design, the Floating Mat is excellent for tanning, stargazing and chilling at sea. Lasting a long time without sustaining water damage, keep the comfort around for as long as you need it by refilling the Floating Mat or topping it up with Styrofoam every few years.

Drag it, jump on it or pull it around, the sun and water-resistant Jeans cover can take some tough love without stretching in the sun. Available in 6 trending summer colours, the Floating Mat can easily attach to a boat or jet ski for some high-velocity fun in the sun!

Product Details:

Ergonomic One-Seater Design: Take your Floating Mat for a solo ride out at sea or attach it to a boat for some gliding around.
Durable Jeans Cover: Sun and water-resistant, the Jeans outer cover lasts you a long time without showing signs of wear, stretching in the sun or sustaining water damage.

Comfortable Styrofoam Filling: Perfect for tanning, relaxing or stargazing; the Styrofoam filling lasts for a long time without water damage.

Refill Available: Refill your Floating Mat with Styrofoam or top it up every few years to refresh that quality ariika bounce.

Product Warranty:

Enjoy a 1-year warranty on your Floating Mat.

Product Care:

To clean your Floating Mat, simply wipe it with a damp washcloth or some cool water.


Dimensions (in cm)
140‚ ƒ—‚ 95
Filling Styrofoam
Suitable For

Beach or Pool


Black, Blue, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow